You can't put cigarettes behind you until you put cigarettes beneath you.


This web site:

1.) will help those who honestly and truthfully want to stop smoking for the last time (with little or no withdrawal pangs).

2.) will help to show how almost every stop-smoking program in existence, actually sets smokers up to fail. Doesn't a less than 5% long-term success rate prove this?

3.) tells it like it really is (no sugar coating & not always politically correct). You must be open to new ideas and concepts regarding the real truth behind Big Tobacco/Big Business, the pharmaceutical industry, and our government in order to understand some of the info on our site.

4.) will NOT help a small % of individuals who have certain forms of depression and/or other serious psychological/emotional problems. We apologize if anything on our web sites offends you. It is not our intent. If you fit this category, we encourage you to leave this web site now by clicking here.

5.) does not sell any products.

Please give us a few minutes of your time, you have NOTHING to lose.

       Please visit Survey to take a survey designed for smokers and ex-smokers.

By the way, please continue to take smoke breaks as you read this web site and if you normally smoke at your computer, please light-up all you want while reading our web pages. This is part of the CBT (cognitive behaviorial therapy) you will learn more about. Do not ever attempt to cut back or refrain from smoking if it's not your will to do so. More on this later.

If you are only interested in the info about how to stop smoking for the last time, start with this page.

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